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Because many autistic children suffer from dietary and gastrointestinal (GI) problems, it has been hypothesized that an abnormality in the digestive system may be linked to the disorder’s etiology. Specifically, barring a 2005 study, a disruption in the gastrointestinal microflora would promote the growth of pathogenic micro-organisms. Providing an environment favorable to colonization of bacteria, persistent abnormalities in the human gut flora could potentially effect many other bodily systems. Due to recent technological advances, particular bacteria species are more easily detected and can be examined in this context related to autism. In the comparison of the autistic and ‘healthy’ populations, the bacteria Clostridium boltea varied markedly between the two groups. Taking into account the ‘healthy’ siblings of individuals with autism, ¬†this group displayed intermediate levels of the bacteria, signifying that environmental factors impacted growth as well. Higher levels of Clostridium boltea were associated with gastrointestinal (GI) issues, both of which maintained high rates of prevalence in the autistic population. Alarmingly, studies have reported an increased resistance of clostridia to antimicrobial agents, signifying that antibiotics and other medicinal regimens may not aid the deficiency in such gastrointestinal problems. In this case, an abnormality in the gut flora may allow for the colonization of Clostridium boltea, contributing to the etiology of autism spectrum disorder (Parracho, Bingham, Gibson, & McCartney, 2005).


Parracho, H. M. R. T., Bingham, M. O., Gibson, G. R., & McCartney, A. L. (2005).  Differences between the gut microflora of children with autistic spectrum disorders and that of healthy children. Journal of Medicinal Microbiology, 54, 987-991.


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  2. ethan sherman says:

    My layman’s opinion concerning the cause of Autism is that it is caused by television. My reasoning is as follows: Stand, place your elbows near your sides, extend your arms, and let your fingers hang limply. Notice that you are still. Next, repeat the experiment with the TV turned on. Notice that you will now feel a force pushing you backwards. I believe that constant exposure to this force is harmful. Researchers say that people who watch much television have more illness later in life. They wrongly attribute this to living a sedentary life style. However, I believe that this harmful force coming from the digital sound is the culprit.
    Now about seventeen years ago something called stereo analog television came on the market. Its sound also exerted a force on the body. It was around that time that instances of autism (and also alzheimers disease) greatly increased. I believe that was the reason.
    If scientists tested rodents for sound they would see that I am correct. More specifically one group could be exposed to non stop television with the sound on, and another group could be exposed to the same channel with the sound off. A pathology performed on deceased animals would show something amiss in the brains of the animals that were exposed to the digital sound.

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