Poor Parenting

By: Brooke Durbin

The most shocking theory of the causes of autism was the accusation that parents were not caring for their children properly so their children developed autism as a way to cope. During the 1950’s Bruno Bettelheim came up with a theory explaining autism. His theory stated that autism was a psychological disturbance caused by mothers who were apathetic and uncaring towards their children. (Foster 2007) This theory was commonly referred to as the “refrigerator mothers” for their inability to be warm caring mothers. Bettelheim, after observing concentration camps, determined that there must be a connection between the lost of humanity of those in concentration camps and the similar symptoms of children with autism. (Bettelheim, 1967)

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  2. Genaro Reh says:

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  3. Mike. S. says:

    Wilma. I hope you don’t mind but I ran across your question while doing charichter research for a novel.
    Of course you can have independant evaluations by outside doctors.
    Social security can not deny you the right to fair medical treatment. There are also many lawyers out there specialising in social security / disability cases.
    It seems odd that their diagnosis is “mental” it seems a bit overly simplified. Typicaly even their diagnosos is given to their patients or patients guardians in standard medical format.
    May I ask when you where diagnosed and by whom?
    I can’t understand why The department of social security would say it would be prohibitly expensive for you to see your records. They usually charge a fee for copying your doccuments for you and there is a typical waiting period but niethor should be prohibitive.
    If your parents or siblings are still alive I would suggest contact with some of them for assistance. If they are un available for any reason then I would next contact a lawer. many will take cases pro-bono (waive there fees) or at least provide free consultation for diabled persons who are being taken advantage of or have no other recources.

  4. wilma ingram says:

    autisum : I am a child growing up had alcoholic parent’s. We never had no structure in our life 🙁
    I had to go daily to speech therapy. I could not talk when I was 6 0r 7 . I use to sit alone with my mouth open , watching my other sibling’s, never joining in. I had learning problem’s in school. All grade level’s. Now I am on disability and the social security say’s I am classed as Mental . I have asked to review my record’s, but social security said it would cost alot of money. I still have problem’s as a 49 .Can I be tested ?

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